Fallout Shelter


Fallout Shelter is set in a world where radiation is the biggest threat to humanity’s survival. As the overseer of the vault assigned to you, you must take care of your dwellers by making sure they have everything they need such as electricity, food and water.

Aside from the basic things your dwellers need for survival, they might also need stimpaks and radaways in case they become exposed to radiation or suffer damage.


Electricity is the most important thing you need for your vault, without it, everything will shut down and you will not be able to produce the other things you need to keep your dwellers alive. Food and water are also important for your dwellers to survive because without food then they will lose health ad without water, they will become radiated. You will be building rooms where the dwellers can make all the things that they will need. Resources can also be found outside of the vault by sending 1 or more of your dwellers to explore the wasteland, where they can find caps, outfits, weapons, stimpaks or radaways. Resources can also be gotten from completing objectives so check that out from time to time.

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Each dweller has SPECIAL, these are the abilities and skills of your dwellers, this will help you determine where to have your dwellers work. Putting your dwellers to do the job that fits them will make them happier so make sure to check their SPECIAL before assigning them to a job. Certain outfits can also give your dwellers additional capabilities, dress them up for the right job.


Radiation may be a problem in the world of Fallout shelter, but that’s not the only problem, your dwellers will also have to deal with raiders, infestations, fire and other disasters and if you can’t solve the problem in one room then it will spread to the other rooms. You can drag other dwellers to the room where the problem is to help, weapons can also be used to solve the problem with raiders and infestations faster.Screenshot_2015-09-07-15-29-01 Screenshot_2015-09-07-15-03-33 Screenshot_2015-09-07-15-02-59


The biggest warning I will leave you with for now, addiction is a big possibility. Download it now and try it!

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