Sling Kong


Sling Kong is the new mobile game that will surely keep you from putting your phone down!

Join the adventure of over 35 other crazy and colourful characters in this funny and challenging sling game! Have fun with loads of characters like a cat, penguin, crab, octopus, chimp, pig, jellyfish and many more!


The concept of the game is very simple, you just have to keep swinging and slinging your character to go up and up until you can’t go up anymore. Watch out for traps and obstacles and avoid pulling your character for too long or clinging onto a peg for too long because that will lead to your character’s hilarious end.

Screenshot_2015-09-08-14-53-50 Screenshot_2015-09-08-14-53-04

Always keep an eye out for flowers that spits fire, electric blades and red pegs that disappear!

My favorite so far is the Monkey character, it is the first character you can use in this fun game. It is cute and too squishy, I kind of feel bad every time I pull it.

Screenshot_2015-09-08-14-52-56 Screenshot_2015-09-08-14-53-53

Overall, the game is really good: the graphic is good, the sounds and effects are engaging.

While playing, why don’t you compete with a friend to make it more exciting and challenging? You can also time yourself and beat your record each time you play!

Screenshot_2015-09-08-14-53-47 Screenshot_2015-09-08-14-53-50

Oh wait, did I mention that you also get 1 lucky sling every hour? Yes, you do and it will help you earn more coins that you can use to play in a special game that gives you a chance to win more characters!


Screenshot_2015-09-08-14-54-01 Screenshot_2015-09-08-14-54-08

What are you waiting for? Give Sling Kong a try and let us know what you think!

This game is available in itunes and Google Playstore.

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