Give It Up!


Give it up! is the newest game that will keep your eyes and ears locked on your phone. Rules of the game are simple, bounce your way to the end!

There are obstacles along the way so you have to bounce higher to avoid them, to do that, just tap when you land at the platform before the obstacle. Make sure you tap at just the right time, tapping too early or too late could be your doom.


Other features of the game also include different characters to play with, which you can unlock by purchasing or by playing the gotcha machine for 100 coins. You can get coins in the daily challenge, complete it everyday to get all the coins.


I’m enjoying not only the fun and challenging gameplay, but also the fun, bouncy music which makes me bounce along with the character.


Aside from that, the graphics are also good, simple yet appropriate for the game. When you lose, you won’t be sad for too long because the game also has encouraging things to say instead of a dreaded “GAME OVER”. Definitely adds to the amusement.


What are you waiting for? Come bounce with us!

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