Man On Wire


Since one-chance game where the players only get to have 1 life is what’s most of the in demand games are like today, Man On Wire is a perfect example of a game where failing is a tantamount to a game over.

Man On Wire is a game where you’ll only do two things: tap left and tap right to balance the man on wire. It’s that simple and easy. When you tap too much on right or too much on left, the man will lose balance and fall, the game will be over.

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This game has one of the simplest concept among all the mobile games I came across into. Simplicity is a good thing because it will help the players be easily more familiar with the game and it will make the game suitable for all ages.

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However, the simplicity of the game is also the downside of it. It’s too simple that the players could have the tendency to get bored by it easily. If the game could have Challenges and Missions to achieve, it would be more fun and enjoyable.

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Overall, the game is good and fun to play. But just like any other starting games, there are rooms for improvement for Man on Wire. More features could be added and the potential of the game could still be boosted. The general concept is already nice with the meme faces as the main visual of the game and if the developers could add more, I can see this game making its name be known within the mobile gaming community or somewhere bigger.

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