Guess The Song


For all you song lovers out there, this is the game for you!

Guess The Song will play a part of a track and you have limited time to guess the song title. Right answers will help you earn coins that you can use in your next game.

There are different choices and genre to choose from; from Love Songs, Last Year’s songs, Rock, 2000 POp, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, Alternative, Rap, Hard Rock, Latest, even Gospels, Musicals and so much more!


Some categories are free while some still need to be unlocked using the coins you earned.

Screenshot_2015-09-09-14-23-41 Screenshot_2015-09-09-14-22-20

What makes it more fun is that you can play it with your friend! You can also connect it to your Facebook and see who among your Facebook friends are currently playing the game. Or simply check everyone who is into the game and see their current scores! The leaderboards have different categories too. You can check the overall leader, the Bachata leader, Teen Choice leader, Dear Child leader and a whole lot more!

Screenshot_2015-09-09-14-22-40 Screenshot_2015-09-09-14-23-45 Screenshot_2015-09-09-14-23-25 Screenshot_2015-09-09-14-22-50
Test your memory in this amazing game and guess all the songs! Enjoy the nice graphics and songs that will surely make you sing-a-long and dance!

Let your music lover side shine in this addicting guessing game, Guess The Song.

Do not forget to try it out for yourself and download the app in iTunes or Google Playstore.

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