This word game is basically making words out of jumbled letters and making the bear grow bigger as you go on.

To start things off, this is purely a solitary exercise. You don’t to worry about another player gumming up your plans. You’ll do a good enough job of that yourself, most likely. You’re still aiming to make the largest bears as you possibly can, though, and you’ll do that by clearing letters off of the board. Each tile cleared makes one bear, and adjacent bears will merge together into bigger and bigger bears. At the end of each stage, you’re awarded extra points based on the bears you’ve created, and these points are crucial for beating each stage’s score goal. Beyond the score goal, stages will sometimes have other twists to make things challenging.



There are timed stages, stages where certain letters won’t appear, and so on. No matter what kind of stage you’re playing, the biggest threat to achieving your goal is when letters turn to stone. Each turn you take, the numbers on the tiles will count down by one. When they reach zero, that tile turns to stone, blocking bear expansion.

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Basically, the game is not that different from other letter games. But with fun and cool graphics and concept of the bear, this game can get really addicting.

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