Rock Mania


To all the rockstars out there, here is the game for you!

Rock Mania still has minor glitches but it is the best free version you’ll find in Google Playstore. Apart from the ads (which disapprears when you are playing) this game is really good. It will test how fast you think and how fast your reflexes are.

All you have to do is tap the colored buttons when they reach a line at the bottom screen. If the sign has an arrow pointing to the sides, you just have to swipe it to the said side. If it shows an arrow going up, that means you have to hold the the line at the buttom of the screen until the arrow disappears.

Screenshot_2015-09-15-09-43-59  Screenshot_2015-09-15-09-29-43 Screenshot_2015-09-15-09-29-17
There is a goal that you have to reach before your health runs out and the difficulty level can be adjusted according to your expertise so learning the game is really not that hard.


Did I mention that you can play with your favorite songs too? Yes, you can. It has a feature where you can play your own music. You can also choose to play in “Idol Mode” which can be quite challenging and too fast paced or play in “Free Play” mode and see how far you can go.
It is so much fun but it gets harder when you have to slide and that’s what makes it more exciting than the other rhythm games. Plus you can enjoy the daily bonuses and prizes!

It is truly the best rock game in Google Playstore. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think!

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