Family Feud is one of the most classic game shows on television and has since been adapted in many ways, now the makers of such games as 94-seconds and 94 degrees bring you a Family Feud-like game on mobile! In 94%, you will have to find out what is 94% of the given answers.


There are a lot of levels to go through and with each level are 2 questions and 1 image. You will give what you think is the most common answers to each question. For the images, you will say the things that come to mind when you see the image, it can be things that you can actually see in the image or just things related to what the image is.

Screenshot_2015-09-16-13-12-35 Screenshot_2015-09-16-13-12-47

Can’t think of what else to answer? Use a joker! No, I don’t mean the card or the villain. Jokers are the hints, you can get them for gold. When you use a joker, you will be given a set of letters which you can arrange to get the answer and for each joker, you get 1 bonus letter placed in the word.

Screenshot_2015-09-16-14-08-35 Screenshot_2015-09-16-12-58-09

There isn’t a set number of answers to each question, some can have 4 answers while others have 10, as long as the total is 94% of the given answers. I found that each level gets annoyingly difficult as it goes higher and it just frustrates me when I can’t think of the simplest answer. However, despite the annoyance and frustration, I am undeniably hooked. I feel like my brain just got a 6-pack after playing for a few hours and I love it.

Screenshot_2015-09-16-12-58-19 Screenshot_2015-09-16-12-58-14

Start this fun work out for your brain and download it now!

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