Have you ever tried playing the classic Tetris game? This game 1010! has basically the same concept as Tetris, only this one gives you the freedom to choose exactly where you want to put your blocks and which one you want exactly to put first! 1010! is a minimilastic puzzle game that is easy to play and fun to master!


The title says a lot about the gamplay of 1010. In this game, you will have 10 by 10 grid and different shaped and numbered blocks. What you have to do is to align the tetrisy-shaped blocks in the grid. You are free to put whatever you want anywhere, as long as it fits. When you fill a column or row with blocks, the blocks there would clear out, generating points as blocks vanished. Blocks you can use come in sets of three. Unless the first set of three were succesfully placed in the grid, you can’t have the next set. The game will be over once the blocks presented to you do not fit in any of the spaces in the grid anymore. So this game is basically an endless game and you can play as long as you were able to provide spaces for all your blocks.



The concept of the game is very nice. With its minimilastic concept, a lot of users can get easily hooked into it. Also, the feature where you can compete with your friends is what makes the game more fun and exciting. You can compare your highest scores with your friends when you connect the game on your social media. This is what could possibly motivate the players to play the game even more and better.


The sounds and graphics of the game are just perfect for the overall gameplay. They are not too powerful nor too light, which helps the users to maximize their brain-building skills while playing 1010! Overall, the game is really nice and highly addictive, however, there could still be rooms for improvement like adding of different categpries like giving the users teh option to play the game timed or endless.


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