How much do you love burgers and fast food? You’ll probably know after playing this game, Burger!

Satisfy the monsters inside your stomach as you play a game mainly based on the favorite junk food of all human alive! Burgers? Fries? Soft drinks? You have them all in this hunger-inducing game!

How many burgers can you produce in a short period of time? 2? 3? 4? Make more than you could possibly eat in a lifetime!


Make the weirdest kind of food here, from buns with just coleslaw to burger with raw-looking fish! Would you be able to eat those? Try making it here, and no one will definitely stop you from making it in real life!

MainGame 3

But the fun in this game doesn’t stop in visuals of food that will your stomach growl (or will make you grossed out), there are real challenges that you get to experience too!

Game modeGame4

Achieve your goals by making enough food (as we call it) in a timed mode! Can you do it? Don’t just stare at the food! Move fast and make them fast! But, make sure you follow the right order, my friend, or you’ll just have to start from bottom bun.

Level End

Don’t panic! No one dies from eating too much junk food…yet!



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