Metal Slug Defense


If you are feeling nostalgic and looking for a famous 90s game to relive your awesome childhood, then this is the game for you.


Who doesn’t remember playing Metal Slug series in their playstation? It was one of the most popular games in the late 90s. Gameplay is very basic; the player must shoot constantly at a continual stream of enemies in order to reach the end of each level. At the end of the level is the opponent’s base. Destroy the base and you’ll pass the level. On the way through each level, the player can find numerous weapon upgrades and “Metal Slug” tanks.

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Downloading the game takes quite a while so try to do those dishes in your sink while waiting. The game itself, is a bit chatty, just read the instructions before you start the game because although this is a remake for mobile devices, there are still some things that were not exactly copied from the original game concept. This game is totally worth-it.

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Each time you pass a level, you will get a reward or gain a new unit and unlock the next stage. Strategically plan your troop deployment for each level to complete the mission. The opponents tanks kill your troops easily so be sure to know the skills and abilities of each troop.

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Enjoy your trip down memory lane!

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