Skater Boy


Wanna to test out the raddest moves on your board but don’t really know how to skateboard? Worry not, Skater Boy is just right for you!


Why worry about falling flat on the ground when you can do it on your phone without hurting yourself right? So next time your mom says to get your 35-year old bum off the couch, you can simply say “I went skateboarding today!” and watch the surprise on your mom’s face. The whole mobile thing will just be between you and me. *wink*

Screenshot_2015-10-12-15-07-01 Screenshot_2015-10-12-15-07-06

The game is simple enough, tap left to move faster and tap right to jump or change the land grind. You get points for every awesome move you make so do as many as you can but make sure that you will land beautifully. If you tap right while in the air then you can change your land grind for more points, do radical moves from tail slides to board slides.

Screenshot_2015-10-12-15-07-38 Screenshot_2015-10-12-15-08-42

There are trophies and stars to collect for each level, as well as badges at the end. There are 3 badges to get for each level; all trophies badge, no slam badge, and high score badge. Are you awesome enough you get them all every time?

Screenshot_2015-10-12-15-09-28 Screenshot_2015-10-12-15-09-49

Download it now and find out!

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