Strikers 1945-2


Here is another game that will hit your nostalgia buttons real hard! Strikers 1945-2!



This game is a remake of one of the legendary shooting games in arcades. So if you used to spend a lot of your time in malls, playing in arcades, it’s 100% guaranteed that you will love this game! The game concept is still the same, you must not let the enemy hit your plane. Aim to shoot and destroy your enemies while avoiding their attacks. Grab the floating boosters and use them against the enemies!

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Graphics and sound are inspired by the original arcade game with cool bosses and animations although there could be more variety in enemy weapon effects.

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You can choose from a wide variation of planes using the coins and rubies you earn while playing. Play for as long as you can because this game can be endless if you can keep your plane alive and running. Actually, I don’t know where my plane gets its fuel from but I’m glad it doesn’t run out of it. Just imagine losing a war because of that –you have all the weapons and bullets but you lose because you forgot to feed your plane. Unacceptable.

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You can connect the game to your Facebook account and compete with your friends through the leaderboard rankings. You can also try the multiplayer feature of this game if you connect it to your Google Playstore account. Just make sure your vision is 20/20 because it can be hard to keep track of your plane.

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Game tips:

Touch the “super shot” button: shoots a super shot by using the accumulated gauge shown at the top of the screen Touch the “bomb” button: blocks the enemy‚Äôs bullets for a certain amount of time by calling for backup.

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There you go, download the game on Google Playstore or iTunes to see what we are talking about.

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