Angry Birds Transformers


Were you one of those people who have been part of the Angry Birds craze before? Well then I bet you would love this Angry Birds with a twist!

Angry Birds Transformers, although incorporated with the name of the “legendary” Angry Birds, is a very different game from the classic one.

This one is more like an adventure game that all the Transformers fans would surely love. This game is not very deep, but it sure is very fun and easy.


It’s humorous in a way that all Transformers and Angry Birds fans would be amused to play the game. Would you like to save Bumblebee? Then hit as much pigs as you can!

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Graphic-wise, I have to say that this game deserves some recognition for giving good visuals for all the players who will come across into it. As an ordinary gamer, I have not much knowledge on how animations in games work but I could say that this game’s visuals and animations have been given much time and effort as they are all really good. Same goes for the game’s sound effects, which just perfectly fit the Transformers theme of it.

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What I like most about this game is its simplicity. You have a moving Transformers character that shoots wherever you click on your device’s screen. It’s simple, straightforward, and fun.

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Have you always wanted to be a robot and shoot pigs? Well, that’s a weird thing to consider yourself to be but who knows, you might just discover your inner desire to be an Angry Bird Transformer once you’ve tried this game.

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