Daddy Was A Thief


Rebel Twins takes you to a mischievous adventure with Daddy and his evil plots of robbing the bank, in Daddy Was A Thief!


The game levels appears as a series of panels. Every panel and each time you play the game reveals a certain story about Daddy’s life. It is an endless running game where you will come to understand the reason for his mischief and madness as you play longer.

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The game begins with Daddy escaping a bank from the rooftop through the next building. From there, all you have to do is jump and smash through the floor by tapping your screen, to get into the next apartment below. Each level of the building is different and obstacles varies. From coins, to appliances, bathroom tubs, and even dangerous bullets.

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A simple yet FUNtastic and mind boggling adventure! Help Daddy now by downloading the game on Google Playstore or iTunes App Store.

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