Does Not Commute


From the award-winning makers of the hit game, Smash Hit, is another awesome strategic game! Set in the 1970s, Does Not Commute will surely give you “the feels” of driving in the neighborhood of the said era. Although the 1970s had some major oil problems and this encouraged a switch to smaller vehicles and helped create the environment in which Japanese firms such as Toyota and Honda became dominant in the UK and further afield, there is no denying that some of the coolest cars came from this era.


Okay, enough of history. Let’s talk about the game. Overall the game is quite fun and has a wonderful sense of humor. I’d definitely recommend giving it a try. The best part of this game is the little story elements it gives for each of the drivers.

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However, these aren’t dynamic and don’t change around between playthroughs and so can start to get stale. The concept is interesting but I think it would have benefited from an overhead camera versus the odd slanted angle that was used.

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I found that some cars are more difficult to control (ie; Ambulance and Ice Cream Truck). You just have to remember which cars have different controls. Play and drive in a small town, you have 60 seconds to drive everyone to their destination. Make sure to get bonus times to add more to your game time.

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Avoid crashing or bumping your cars even to bushes because it will make your car move slower. Be careful when it is raining because as we all know, it is really slippery when wet. Carefully drive when in narrow roads, you just might take a quick dip in the lake.

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Ok, let’s not spoil the game so much for you. It is available in Google Playstore and App Store. Check it out!

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