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Work on your timing in this challenging game called Platform Tower!

Play as the mighty rabbit and avoid all the obstacles as you work on your timing while doing high-jumps. Practice on your reflex and quick thinking.


Fall from the planks and you’ll die. Touch the walls and you’ll die. Don’t move and (yes, you guess it right) you’ll die. Basically everything that you do aside from jumping and landing on the right plank will cause you to die so be careful.

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If you thought Flappy Bird is the most annoying yet challenging and addicting game ever, wait until you try this one. I seriously almost threw my phone while playing, then played some more.

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There are no other rules, just jump, avoid obstacles and don’t fall. You can also choose from different characters, from Rocky Rabbit, Hooktopus, Lexi Foxi, Pretty Kitty, Merlin The Penguin, Fla Domingo, Badass Bear, Punkrockodile, Royal Cow, Little Quacky and many many more!!! I must say, I checked all the names and most of them are well thought. Kudos to the developers! But of course, to be able to access all the characters, you must unlock them using the coins that you will earn from playing. So at the beginning, you are kind of stuck with Mister Rocky Rabbit.

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So there you go, another day, another game review. Download it now and see what I am talking about. Don’t forget to comment your progress on the comment section! Enjoy!

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