Turbo FAST


Get ready for a new and exciting racing game! Turbo FAST is a game inspired by the DreamWorks hit animation “Turbo” based on a snail. That’s right, a racing snail!

So as you’ve probably guessed already, Turbo FAST isn’t your ordinary car racing game because you will be racing with snails. But this game is still as fun and exciting as any other car racing game out there, if not better.


You’ll start off the game with your choice if you want to race with a male or female snail, and once you’ve chosen it’s time to start racing! Go left or right to keep your snail on track and you can even drift, or in this case slide through corners. Make sure to avoid the sides of the track because hitting it will make your snail dizzy and go slower.


There are 4 types of controls you can choose from as well; Touch control is the default, a simple left or right tap to go in the respective direction and tap both to slide. Tilt control lets you control your snail by tilting your device to either direction and you can slide by tapping anywhere on the screen. The last 2 control options are Thumb Stick and Buttons, both controls have the left or right direction controls on one side and the slide button on the other. For both options, you can choose to flip it to which side you prefer the buttons would be.


The fun from this game not only comes from the races, you can also customize your snails! Customizing your snails requires some tomatoes that you can get as rewards for finishing races. Better scores or ranks in a race gets you more tomatoes. So race all you can and upgrade your snail to your heart’s content. You can even add a bit of challenge to your daily racing by completing the daily challenges, and get more tomatoes too.

Screenshot_2015-10-21-12-36-33 Screenshot_2015-10-21-12-32-00

This game may look easy, but winning those races isn’t. It is really challenging to beat those snails and the great graphics of the game won’t make your eyes sore even if you play for hours.

Screenshot_2015-10-21-12-31-29 Screenshot_2015-10-21-12-29-03

Can you go faster than these snails? Try out Turbo FAST and find out now!

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