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May you be a child or an adult, we are all somehow kids at heart. We’ve watched cartoons at least once in our lives and if you’re lucky to be more of a child, you have probably watched Clarence–the story of a sweet, innocent, and often disgusting chubby kid that embraces the simple joy and innocence of youth. And now, we’ve got a game here inspired by that child! And it’s no other than Blamburger: Clarence!


The concept of the game is very simple. Clarence has to catch the burger ingredients and avoid the firecrackers. Move him from left to right by simply tapping your screen. Build burgers to rack up points, when you caught a firecracker accidentally, the game is over.

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When you want to make the game more fun, you can always think that Clarence wants to build the perfect burger but Sumo, being as naughty as he is in the cartoons, throws firecrackers in the mix! And Clarence’s objective is to catch and build as much burgers as he can without exploding. Everyone is welcome to imagine the scenarios from the cartoon as this game is the perfect adaptation of the kids’ show Clarence!

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As you catch more variety of burger imgredients in the game, you will discover a plethora of recipes! If you want to win, the kinds of ingredients you put in the burgers you make all the different. Do you need 1 cheese or more? You better watch out for it!

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Although this game is inspired by the Cartoon Network show, I’m sure anyone who has not watched Clarence can still enjoy and understand this game just as easily! Let’s see how many burgers you can catch with Clarence!

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