Tiny Auto Shop – Car Wash Game


Ever dreamed of owning your own auto shop? Well, here is your chance to live that dream and play as Big Brother. There is a new game in town made by Tapps – Top Apps and Games and it will surely get you addicted!


Run this tiny auto-shop and make sure to keep the customers happy. Put your strategic planning and time management skills to test. Do not, I repeat, do not make the customers wait so long for your attention. Offer products and services such as fuel, cleansing, repair and even some car tuning features like neon lights and nitro fuel for those SWAG customers!

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The first few game days will be easy but as days pass by, your skill will be put to test. It is one of those fun dash games, it gets challenging every day! Equip your auto center with up to 5 facilities: gas station, mechanic, car wash, tuning and style and convenience store. Keep in mind that the faster you attend to your customer’s needs, the bigger the tip you’ll get!

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It is actually free to play. You do not need to purchase tokens or game dollars to upgrade your stalls. If you are looking for a good time-killer, then download this game on App Store or Google Play Store.

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