6 Reasons Why Brag it! is the new generation of Social Media–and why it would be the best


There are a lot of Social Media that is in trend right now. And by a lot, I mean A WHOLE LOT. I recently found about this app called Brag it! Which is published by Nex2Global Co. Ltd. The moment I downloaded this app I was like “Hey this looks amazing” but it didn’t stop there. I searched for information about this app then I was like “Wooaahhh I could actually earn cash or mobile load. Sweeeet” The reason why I am telling you this is to actually share the joy and excitement that I am feeling at this moment. Who would’ve ever thought that Bragging would be this fun! Lol.




1. You can post photos–with benefits

  • A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Most of the Social Media trends today let’s you meet other people, post photos and, comment on them just for the sake of having fun. However, Brag it! Let’s you do all of those things but with a twist…you could actually earn cash or load from posting your photos! What’s else could be cooler than that?



2. Earn cash or load the fun way

  • The application has in-app money called “candy”. Best part is, candy is actually convertible to paypal cash or mobile load. WOW! You can earn candy simply by swiping your screen, bragging your photos, watching a video, by getting you friends use the app as well (using your referral code), and so much more! It’s so simple to earn and have fun, right?



3. You’ll actually find bragging very fun

  • This app lets the winner’s photo seen by millions of their users on their lockscreens. It’s also called the bragging system where you could brag all you want because you were chosen as one of the users with the most awesome photo–it will appear on your lockscreen. And besides, being on the lockscreen means your photo is actually really, really good. Posting brag worthy photo means….more candy…more candy means…more cash or load for you!



4. You could find other people with your same interests

  • Fashion artists, foodies, travelers, animal lovers, cosplayers, artists, and so much more!! I’ve just mentioned quite a few of those who are currently using the app. Well, of course there’s a tab in the app where you could actually find other users with a particular interest. As for me, I’m currently in love with the Geek tab ‘cause hellooo? Who doesn’t looove gamesss, and cosplayyy, and animeee, and game of thronesss, and a wholeee lot more. Of course you do :) and hey, I think geeks are pretty cute 😉



5. They make distance smaller

  • This app let’s you give 2 candy to a certain user and let’s you message them. Why not save your heart and send it to someone whom you think posts really really awesome photos! You could actually ask them where they shot it, what camera did they use, or how the adventure was. Cool, huh?



6. Hello, it’s Social Media.

  • I couldn’t think of anyone right now who doesn’t have this strong urge to make an account for any of the social media trends out there. But trust me, you should go and download brag it in a few seconds after you finish this article. So do me a favor and DO NOT, open any other application besides google playstore. You’ll have butterflies in your stomach the moment you open it.



So I’m pretty sure that downloading the Brag it! app was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. Just found this app a few days ago and I’m pretty sure I’m already starting to get addicted to it! Who wouldn’t? It’s as simple as posting your best photos, or should I say bragging your moments then win cash or load! Seriously, if you’re looking for an app which you want to enjoy, earn, and win at the same time, now is the time to download Brag it! Available on google playstore.


You can also check their website and video:


For other inquiries and concerns, message them via email or facebook:




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