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Earning real cash or load has never been this fun before. Nex2Global Co. Ltd. launched an application just recently called Brag it! — the new generation of Social Media. For those who’ve been left out with the latest trends, now is the time to catch up and find out more about Brag it!

For starters, all you need to do is gather your best photos and post it to get the chance of earning candy. Candy is your in-app money which is convertible to cash or load.


brag it the new generation of social media

Introducing the lockscreen feature. This is the best part about Brag it! since this is where the bragging begins. There will be random users which will be featured on everyone’s lockscreen so they may see how wonderful your photo is. Aside from that, those users will  receive 2000 candy. That’s just awesome.

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In order to gain candy, you may do the following:

  • Swipe your lockscreen
  • Watch Videos
  • Invite your friends (Using your referral code)
  • And so much more in store for you!

It’s that simple~


Yes, there are varieties and tabs where people can choose from. There’s Selfie if you just like taking pictures when you go somewhere. There’s food where you could post your meal of the day. If you like going out, hiking, or just travelling, check out the Travel tab and you’ll find thousands of users who also loves travelling. Who knows? You might find your travel buddy in the near future. There’s just lots of categories you can choose from and we’re pretty sure you’ll like ‘em.

Of course you’ll have your own profile which would include your profile picture, candy, hearts, country, who you follow, who your followers are, and the photos that you’ve uploaded. It’s basically who you are. You may also follow other users if you know them or you think that the photos that they post are amazing.

Brag it! also features photos that are really, really good. A number of photos that gets featured in the best has a higher chance to earn candy. Don’t worry, all of the photos that you will upload  will be reviewed and discussed if it’s worthy to be as one of the best photos so just keep posting. More photos means a higher chance of earning so don’t be shy and post your photos within the day. Who knows? You just might be featured in the app’s lockscreen.

2016-03-18 (1)

Brag it! also lets you get closer with one another. For those who you want to ask or know more about their photos, you could send them a heart which will start a conversation!

This basically shows how you can withdraw your candy (in-app money). Just like I’ve mentioned before, more candy means more money for you. Don’t forget the ways on how to earn candy and you could be one of the richest Brag it users. Don’t forget to help those in need!


Brag it! is currently available in the Philippines but is about to launch soon in South East Asia. So for Asians who loves earning and having fun, watch out for you just might be our next lucky winner! See you on Brag it! 😉
Download it now on google playstore.

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