Crazy Road


Dominate the road! Crazy Road, and endless-driving type of game was launched recently by APPZIL. For those who loved endless-running games like Temple Run, Subway Surfer, and Minion Rush, then Crazy Road is perfect for you. Endless-running games are still in trend and I really think that it’s the type of game that’s very addicting and won’t wither through time.

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Controls for crazy road are as simple as swiping to the left, right, and tapping.

On the endless road, you need to avoid cars along the way–drive like crazy!

Screenshot_2016-05-04-16-53-37 Screenshot_2016-05-04-16-52-34

You also have to watch out for police cars as they switch to the left and to the right–depending on which lane you were when they saw you. There’s two types of police cars: one with red light, and one with blue light. The blue one is very tricky since that police car switches two lanes unlike the red one which only switches one lane.

Screenshot_2016-05-11-09-32-15 Screenshot_2016-05-11-09-34-07

Collect coins along the road to so you can play the claw machine and get the chance to win a new car! How ‘bout a Lambo like the one above? 😉


There’s a wide variety of cars you can choose from and it’s very, very cheap! Here’s some of my favorites.

Crazy Road is a MUST PLAY game and I highly recommend it. It’s simple, fun and very addicting!

Download it now on google playstore!


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