Part Time Hero


Part Time Hero is one of the newest games that android users can find on Google Playstore!

If you love games that are simple yet fun, this one is definitely for you! Part Time Hero is basically about a hero (which will be your game character) running after monsters to attack and kill them.

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Part Time Hero has 10 monster waves in each chapter and in order to move forward to the next chapters, your hero needs to go through those stages and kill a particular number of monsters. Your hero can defeat monsters by simply tapping your phone’s screen to swing your hero’s sword.

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You can collect gold coins whenever your hero defeats a monster.


One of the most exciting parts of this game is the combo where you just have to kill all those bad   monsters that you will be encountering!


You can use your accumulated gold coins from winning over monsters and rubies from your achievements to enhance your hero’s skills and equipment! Isn’t it rewarding for your hero after all?

Those are just some of the details that we can reveal to you about Part Time Hero!


Despite the fact that this game is new, it has a lot of potential and it can be the next big thing in the world of mobile games! Why? Because this game might be easy but it’s very addicting!


Curious and excited already to play Part Time Hero? Download this app now on Google Playstore!

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