‘FantasyTown’ CBT exclusively in the Philippines only! With ₱80,000 worth of Promos


Greetings, my Lord! ARUMGAMES CO., LTD. introduces ‘FantasyTown’ CBT exclusively in the Philippines! The newest social farming game simulation will give Filipinos a chance to play this game for the first time among other nations! Be the first-ever player! And get a chance to win ₱80,000 worth of prizes, game load and cosmetics in joining ‘FantasyTown’ CBT launching promos! Just by downloading the app, playing the game or reporting a bug, you can receive gifts and prizes!


FantasyTown allows users to harvest crops, breed cute animals, trade items, rule the farm, and fulfill quests to earn profits! Players can also socialize to other users, travel to unknown worlds and meet new friends!


Escape the reality and start your countryside diary with FantasyTown! Every town needs a leader to make it grow and prosper and in FantasyTown, that leader could be you! You will be the Lord of the wrecked town, your ultimate responsibility is to bring back the happiness in the town. Grow your farm land, earn rubies and coins, unlock possibilities and create a massive and a happy town!


  FantasyTown (Unreleased)- screenshot thumbnail




Category: Simulation

Developer and Publisher: ARUMGAMES CO., LTD.

Official Release Date: November 2017

Platform: Android

Price: FREE + in-app purchase

Availability: Digital download on the Google Play Store

File size: 37.58MB


Press Release contact details:

E-mail: mkt@nex2global.com

Landline: +63 234-1994



Social media:  https://www.facebook.com/Fantasytownofficial




Welcome to FantasyTown, full of adventure, the newest fantastic social network game to harvest, breed, rule, and fulfill quests! Be the first to play this game, exclusively for Filipinos!


Every town needs a leader to make it grow and prosper and in FantasyTown, that leader could be you!




  • Build and customize your town with various designs, buildings, and establishments
  • Harvest crops from farm and manufacture them into finished products and sell them
  • Breed cute animals and earn profit
  • Use the Dragon Shop, Whale Shop, and exotic Elephant Shops to trade your items with your neighbors
  • Travel to unknown worlds and meet new friends
  • Discover hidden treasures of surprises
  • Make your own lord by using unique hairs and clothes.
  • Trade with friends to earn golds
  • Enjoy fun mini-games hidden in the town



   FantasyTown (Unreleased)- screenshot

   FantasyTown (Unreleased)- screenshot

   FantasyTown (Unreleased)- screenshot

   FantasyTown (Unreleased)- screenshot


   FantasyTown (Unreleased)- screenshot



FantasyTown: Discover a world of magical journeys

Download the FantasyTown app for FREE at Google Play Store, click here!

Know more about FantasyTown!

Visit us at https://www.facebook.com/Fantasytownofficial


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