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Snake King


You can now play one of the most classic mobile games on your smartphones! Before almost any app you can think of today, there was Snake. I remember spending hours of my childhood playing this game. While the smartphone version

Dude Perfect 2


Do mind-blowing trick shots through tons of different crazy levels with this game! You have the goal to shoot the ball into the hoop but you get to do lots of things while doing that! You may jump on trampolines,

Plumber 2

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Plumber 2 is a challenging game that will require thinking but will give so much fun to the player. You will have to connect the pipes to make the water flow and save those trapped creatures so that they can

Whale Trail Frenzy

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Help Willow fly for freedom in this addicting game called Whale Trail Frenzy! The main concept of the game is to help Willow escape from the monster and fly away and as far as Willow can. You will be able


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One-chance game before your game is over is what interests and challenges mobile gamers nowadays. We got games in the past that have made some trends in the social media. Flappy bird is quite a good example of it. Well,


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PewPew just made arcade shooting game more fun and challenging with its retro and great graphics which you will surely appreciate and enjoy as you play the game further. PewPew has different game modes for you to choose from. Namely,

Don’t Tap the White Tile


Feel like you’re one of the great musical geniuses in our world today. Beethoven has nothing on you, and all you need is a single finger or two…okay, maybe I used four. There’s only one rule here, DON’T TAP THE



RUN! This exciting new game from Kongregate will keep you on the edge of your seats. There’s only one rule for this game, DO NOT FALL OFF. Run takes place in space, so not having anywhere to land on will make you

Doodle Jump


With monsters in your way and steps that could easily break as soon as you land on them, how far up can you go? The farther up you go, the more obstacles there will be, but don’t worry. There are

Mmm Fingers


First there was Flappy Bird, then Piano Tiles, now there is Mmm Fingers. Another annoyingly simple yet fun game to take your time away, and quite possibly your fingers. Its simplicity just makes you wanna beat these monsters so bad,