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[game info] Demonic Savior

Demonic Savior_1

Thrilling action, dauntless heroes, and stunning graphics, all wrapped up in a compelling multi-scenario storyline! The journey starts now in Demonic Savior! This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for extra items. Play

[Game Info] Ranch Rush 2

5/5 Stars – GameZebo.com – “ Ranch Rush 2 is a perfect example of a time management game done right”. 8/10 Stars – Tapscape – “Ranch Rush 2 will keep you coming back to build your farming empire”. Let’s Go

[game info] Aqua Story

Aqua Story_1

Over 2 million players in Korea: now Aqua Story comes to your device! With charming and high quality graphics, direct yet comfy control suitable for smart phone, and an easy system, manage your very own quirky aquarium. ★★★ This game

[Game Info] Dark Knight Avenger

Its time to go for a ride with Prince in Zombieland. Have hours of free fun and new challenges with this incredible game supported by HD graphics and astonishing color combination. Top flying game and the best casual game of

[Game Info] 3d Taxi

3d Taxi_feature

Being a 3D taxi driver in 21st century is more than a job, more than a need, it is now timing driving race. The car is all you have, so in order to get enough money to survive and also

[game info] Tiny Pop

Tiny Pop_1

Tiny Pop- A new super exciting bubble shooter! Save the Tiny Farm Animals! Oh no! The cute animals from Tiny Farm are trapped inside bubbles! Work with Ben, the Tiny Farm Sheep, to rescue as many animal friends as you

[Game Info] Little Inferno

Little Inferno_feature

“A beautiful masterpiece”, “inventive, moving and unrelentingly funny”, “a deft statement on games and how we play them” – Little Inferno is an unordinary game, filled with surprise and wonder, and even better the less you know before playing! Congratulations

[game info] Glory of Sparta!

Glory of Sparta_1

“☆Speech by the king of Sparta! The tyrannical king of Persia, Xerxes, has amassed his dark legions against Greece! It is our solemn duty to defend Greece and dispatch his minions to Hades. We will make our stand at Thermopylae,

[Game Info] Stampede Run

30% OFF on all in-game items. Celebrating the winter holidays with Google Play! Dash through a seasonal wonderland in Winter Rush! Run as the Android Robot, Santa, the Gingerbread Man, or the Nutcracker as you smash through snowmen, plow through

[game info] Chocolate Tycoon

Chocolate Typhoon_1

Help Cocoteenie make chocolates even Tyrant King Choco would crave for!   White, Milk, Dark and Gold Chocolate!! Satisfy the people of Choco Choco village and please King Choco with scrumptious bits of sheer richness. Move around stores and shops