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Paper Toss

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Have you ever been so bored that you started tossing rolled up papers at the trash? We know the feeling! But what if we told you that you can do that without exerting much effort? This is what Paper Toss

Whale Trail Frenzy

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Help Willow fly for freedom in this addicting game called Whale Trail Frenzy! The main concept of the game is to help Willow escape from the monster and fly away and as far as Willow can. You will be able

Criminal Case

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Ever dreamed of becoming a police officer and solving crimes? Well now is your chance to do exactly that with Criminal Case. Investigate the crime scene, do autopsies on the bodies of the victims and tests on the other clues


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PewPew just made arcade shooting game more fun and challenging with its retro and great graphics which you will surely appreciate and enjoy as you play the game further. PewPew has different game modes for you to choose from. Namely,

Can Knockdown

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Ever played that one carnival game where you try to knock out the cans? Now it’s on your mobile phones! This app might not give you any stuffed toys if you win, but what remains is all the fun and

Cooking Fever

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Have never cooked some decent food in real life? Play this game to cook delicious meals from all over the world. From burgers to pizzas to seafood, you get to serve them all to different kinds of people. This fun

Tadpole Tap

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Tadpole Tap is a simple game of literally tapping away while feeding the hungry tadpole. The main concept of the game is to gain the farthest distance by connecting from flower to flower on your way up well of course,


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Think is a fun trivia game to play. It uses different logos and sets of pictures under different categories like Movies, Phrases and other interesting topics. All you have to do is tap the box and type in your answer.

Follow The Line

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Follow The Line is a simple game, but one that will put your patience to the test. All you have to do is keep your finger on the screen and, as the title suggests, follow the line. Move your finger

Super 7


Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing, those words don’t sound too fun does it? But with Super 7, it definitely is! Connect the numbers to be able to form as many 7s as you can. You can connect more than 2