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Tiny Auto Shop – Car Wash Game


Ever dreamed of owning your own auto shop? Well, here is your chance to live that dream and play as Big Brother. There is a new game in town made by Tapps – Top Apps and Games and it will

Platform Tower

Platform Tower-icon

Work on your timing in this challenging game called Platform Tower! Play as the mighty rabbit and avoid all the obstacles as you work on your timing while doing high-jumps. Practice on your reflex and quick thinking. Fall from the

Angry Birds Transformers


Were you one of those people who have been part of the Angry Birds craze before? Well then I bet you would love this Angry Birds with a twist! Angry Birds Transformers, although incorporated with the name of the “legendary”



How much do you love burgers and fast food? You’ll probably know after playing this game, Burger! Satisfy the monsters inside your stomach as you play a game mainly based on the favorite junk food of all human alive! Burgers?

Radical Rappelling


Join this rad adventure of rapelling down the mountains in this game Radical Rappeling! The creators of Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride are back with a brand new game for adrenaline junkies around the world! Feel the adrenaline rush and



Have you ever tried playing the classic Tetris game? This game 1010! has basically the same concept as Tetris, only this one gives you the freedom to choose exactly where you want to put your blocks and which one you



Science, made more fun with Microtrip! Venture into the depths of a strange creature’s body and play as an organism. Microtrip is a mobile arcade game developed by madpxl & birslip. The game looks like it is set inside a

Rock Mania


To all the rockstars out there, here is the game for you! Rock Mania still has minor glitches but it is the best free version you’ll find in Google Playstore. Apart from the ads (which disapprears when you are playing)



This word game is basically making words out of jumbled letters and making the bear grow bigger as you go on. To start things off, this is purely a solitary exercise. You don’t to worry about another player gumming up

Guess The Song


For all you song lovers out there, this is the game for you! Guess The Song will play a part of a track and you have limited time to guess the song title. Right answers will help you earn coins