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Platform Tower

Platform Tower-icon

Work on your timing in this challenging game called Platform Tower! Play as the mighty rabbit and avoid all the obstacles as you work on your timing while doing high-jumps. Practice on your reflex and quick thinking. Fall from the

Rock Mania


To all the rockstars out there, here is the game for you! Rock Mania still has minor glitches but it is the best free version you’ll find in Google Playstore. Apart from the ads (which disapprears when you are playing)



This word game is basically making words out of jumbled letters and making the bear grow bigger as you go on. To start things off, this is purely a solitary exercise. You don’t to worry about another player gumming up

Man On Wire


Since one-chance game where the players only get to have 1 life is what’s most of the in demand games are like today, Man On Wire is a perfect example of a game where failing is a tantamount to a