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[Game Info] Run Away

A crazy monster drives its fancy car to go for a ride! ! ! Run Away is an epic running game! ! ! Help the hero to go through 4 crazy worlds! ! ! And eat all heads to satisfy

[game info] The World of Magic

World of Magic_1

★Chosen as Google Play’s Featured RPG Game!★ Are you ready to become a hero? Enter ‘The World of Magic’, one of the first MMORPGs for mobile! In an ancient world, two forces are in conflict: the Siras Empire, led by

[game info] Elphis Adventure


Colorful time-twisting casual RPG, Elphis Adventure! Enjoy the full story for FREE~ Red Riding Hood + Jeanne d’Arc + Liu Bei = Elphis?! Crazy yet intriguing! Scenario definitely differentiated from other time-traveling stories. Roam inside fairytales, historical times, and other

[Game Info] Zombie vs Death: The Run Game

Merge yourself into this fantastic zombie adventure. Rock is a big guy that died a while ago but never managed to accept his own death. He misses his old life as a human and most of all he misses his

[Game Info] Rhino Rush Stampede

            Out of the way, coming through! Make way for this addictive and fun new adventure in Rhino Rush Stampede! Our little blue friend is back for more! More FRUIT, that is!   Help the

[Game Info] Penguin Run

You’re a puny little penguin in the frozen arctic who’s been trapped in a cage by a hungry polar bear – what do you do? Gather your courage, kick the cage open… and run like heck! Penguin is a fast-paced

[game info] Ninja Quest

Ninja Quest_1

Aim to become the legendary ninja! 《Ninja Quest》 is the new fusion game that includes action, RPG and arcade features! This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for extra items. ★English Support★ A

[Game Info] 3D City Run 2

The 3D City Run 2 is a sequel to highly successful 3D City Runner game that managed to get 5 million downloads. The 3D City Run 2 is developed by same games studio as its predecessor, Jelly.K development studio, and

[game info] Dragons Empire TD

Dragon Empire_1

Dragon Queen Liza has a best kept secret which is a majestic jewel from the outer world. Shimaroo the evil wizard needed the jewel to crown his Wand and acquire its power to rule the all four worlds. So he

[Game Info] Vampire Rush

The #1 thrilling running experience now comes to the underworld! Begin your exhilarating adventure now and see how far you can run! In this fast paced vampire rushing game, it’s your job to guide the vampire hero through an impossible